Corey Mix

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Corey Mix found out he had the ability to rap when overheard one of his class mates rhyming in his 4th grade class and for about 6 months he wrote rhymes. He found his interest had faded out being that he was too young to understand what he had just tapped into but in 8th grade he had again overheard some people rhyming at a party and he couldn’t resist the urge to jump in and battle both emcees off the top of the head. Corey won that battle and became conscious of his talent yet still he chose not to pursue it as his focus at that time was mainly in football where he desired to be a running back in the NFL.

Things changed again for Corey his freshman year in college when he attended Tuskeegee University in Alabama. He was once again introduced to hip hop through friends breakdancing and his passion for b-boying took him on many travels across the United States where he entered numerous b-boy competitions, but it wasn’t until Corey found himself at a Jack and Jill convention where, without fear, he got on stage and displayed his freestyle talent to a crowd full of people from all different areas of the Midwest. The crowd was ecstatic over his performance and people even came up to him to ask if he was signed and if he had an album dropping. This is when Corey began to take a career as an emcee serious.

Being a “hip hop head” to Corey was all about the competition, so he traveled to different states for emcee battles and b-boy battles. It was during his years in college that Corey learned how to hone his abilities and lock in on his talent for rhyming. He had acquired an MPC 2000, began producing music to rhyme over, and he and some of his close friends started a label called Ghot Records. During his time in college Corey met all kinds of people from all walks of life that shared his dream and passion helping to take his rhyming ability to another level.

At Tuskeegee Corey also met his friend and manager, DJ Caesar, who helped mold him and cultivate him on his journey. Corey became involved with Hitmen Productions through DJ Caesar – Hitmen also consists of icons such as DJ Khaled and DJ Nasty. When Corey graduated from Tuskegee university and moved to the South, he transformed as an artist combining the Southern time with Midwest and East Coast style making him stand out even more. His influences consist of some the best emcees to ever hold a mic, some of which include:  Nas, Biggie, Common, Jadakiss, Eminem , Redman, Jay Z, Big L, Royce Da 5 9, to name a few. When you listen to Corey’s music, you hear a touch of old school vibe mixed with a hint of the new and current because of his roots and where he came from. Pay attention.


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